Stacy Smith Studios | About
Hi, I'm Stacy, owner and photographer of Stacy Smith Photography.  I didn't choose to be a photographer, photography truly chose me.  It's been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember... a passion that overtook my thoughts and dreams, becoming my every day desire, until I knew it was the only career that would fulfill my heart. If you find yourself on this site, please know that this is our client gallery site, not our actual website. I urge you to go to instead go to our site right now and check out how awesome it is! We prefer you to contact us via the website, rather than here on Zenfolio. Enjoy!
I pride myself on being a fun, laid back, creative photographer with the ability to take control of any situation with GRACE and PROFESSIONALISM! I LOVE WEDDINGS! Having the opportunity to capture your Big Day truly tugs at my heart strings! I sleep, eat and breath making those days nothing less than perfect for you! And even when things are out of our control and may not go so will NEVER know it when you receive your images from me! I promise you tears and laughter, moments of depth and width, and always a few surprises. I'm seeing it all unravel in front of me and loving every moment.

My team will preserve the moments you didn't even know were happening! I love becoming friends with my Brides. Please know that I am here for you! Whether it's an email filled with excitement because you've finally found the perfect dress or pair of shoes, a shoulder to cry on when you're feeling overwhelmed, a number to call for advice or just to vent when you're stressed or just your go-to person for referrals, recommendations and direction....just please know I truly enjoy being all of those things for you if you need them! I aim to develop deep relationships with my clients so that I can bring out the best in them for years to come! After all, that is my job!
I have traveled the world with my camera in hand and developed my abilities in ways no classroom or teacher could offer. The images in my Fine Art Portfolio range from coffee shops in Spain and the streets of Amsterdam to the sea life on our own Rhode Island beaches, from lush Hawaiian jungles and breathtaking Caribbean sunsets to the hard lines of the Big Apple skyscrapers. I enjoy photographing newborn babies just days old as much as I enjoy portrait days at local nursing homes.  I offer you my expertise in everything from engagements and weddings to boudoir, family portraits, professional head shots and fine art prints.
I will never underestimate the importance of you and your family's life milestones or even just your regular everyday moments.  Each photograph captures a memory to cherish for a lifetime.  Every shot you hope for, is what I want to give you.  So relax, keep it simple and let me take the pictures! Thank you for supporting my photographic adventures. I hope you will find my work beautiful and engaging.